A fun and unique school trip on Ameland

Gepubliceerd op: 02 July 2018

For a fun school trip or day out Ameland Adventure has plenty to offer. We provide various school trips throughout the year for primary school classes or a school trip for secondary education. What could be more fun than a school trip by boat to Ameland?

Fun and challenging for all ages and levels

There are a wide variety of activities during a school trip at Ameland Adventure. On the beach? In nature? In the sea or maybe even in the air? It can happen. Depending on the age of the group, we adjust the activities. Of course we also take into account the difference in level, so that it’s fun and challenging for all children.


A school trip with sport activities

Everyone knows that it is important that school children move and are more active. That is why active school trips with sports activities are increasingly popular. At Ameland Adventure, the class can learn archery or play a game of ultimate frisbee in teams. Or take it to the next level with power kiting or blocarting along the beach, for example for students of group 7 or 8. They’ll be constantly moving during this school trip!


A school trip with game activities

A game element is incorporated in almost all of our activities. Consider Expedition Ameland or a hexathlon with six different games on the beach or on location. Whether it is a school trip for elementary school or for secondary education, Ameland Adventure will make it unforgettable!


Our school trip options

At Ameland Adventure we offer many opportunities for school trips. For example, it is possible to book a separate activity, to choose one of the regular packages or a special school trip package. We think it is very important that school children can participate in fun and challenging outdoor sports activities, so we offer special reduced school travel packages.

Why Ameland Adventure?

3 reasons

Ameland Adventure organizes various sports and beach activities for both companies and individuals. You are welcome in large groups, smaller groups or even as individuals. The possibilities are endless!

Experienced guides

All our guides have a lot of experience with the activities we organize and are crazy about sports and games! Of course they are well trained and regularly follow courses. Ameland Adventure is TUV certified and affiliated with Vebon.

Top location on the beach

You’ll find our beach pavilion at beach post 11.400  where we organize our activities. Lounge chairs, hammocks, a covered terrace, changing rooms, lockers and toilets: all the ingredients for a relaxed atmosphere!

More than 25 fun activities

With over 25 unique activities, there is something for everyone to do at Ameland Adventure. Our activities are tailored to the season, so you can come to us at any time of the year. We like to think along and, if desired, make a tailor-made program.