Expedition Ameland
school trip

Expedition Ameland as a school trip activity

The group is divided into several teams that will compete against each other. Various activities must be carried out as quickly and properly as possible. By completing the activities, coordinates for a secret location can be earned. Students then use a GPS to search for the location where they will find a letter.

Guess the word

When all activities have been done and all letters have been collected, students must guess a word using the letters found. The team that first guesses the word gets a head start in the final game.


An exciting finish

The last part of the expedition consists of an exciting and all-deciding final battle. The team that is the first to complete the final test wins the game. Of course there is a nice prize!

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Expedition Ameland school trip


20 - 30 people: € 13.50 p.p.

30 - 40 people: € 12.50 p.p.

40 - 60 people: € 11.50 p.p.

Price for larger groups upon request.


2 to 3 hours

Number of people:

20 people

Why Ameland Adventure?

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