Beach volleybal

Smash the ball on the beach

Of course we all know beach volleyball. With your bare feet in the sand you take on the challenge to defeat your opponents. You can play a game of beach volleyball on the beach of Ameland all year round. Falling, diving and jumping: it's all part of it. Who is going to win?

Beach volleyball on Ameland

Beach volleyball on Ameland is a wonderful activity for anyone who wants to be active. At Ameland Adventure we make this fun beach activity suitable for both young and old, everyone can participate. After a brief introduction and explanation, you can start playing in teams. Depending on the competitiveness of the team there will be falls, dives, jumps and smashes. The next day you will undoubtedly find sand in your hair, but it is certainly worth it!


Beach volleyball as a group activity

A good beach volleyball team is well matched. Collaboration and communication are the key to success. Want to impress your colleagues, friends, family or classmates during a fantastic game of beach volleyball? Beach volleyball at Ameland Adventure is perfect as a group activity. Show us your skills.

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Prices and information

Cost: € 9.00 p.p.
Length of activity:

1 hour

Includes: Required equipment, instruction, guidance, insurance and 9% VAT.
Clothing advice:​​​​ Athletic clothing and/or comfortable clothing. Dress for the weather. In sunny weather: sunglasses and/or sun block.
For who: For all types of groups and occasions.
When: Year round.
Number of people: 8 people.
Minimum age: 10 years.


Why Ameland Adventure?

3 reasons

Ameland Adventure organizes various sports and beach activities for both companies and individuals. You are welcome in large groups, smaller groups or even as individuals. The possibilities are endless!

Experienced guides

All our guides have a lot of experience with the activities we organize and are crazy about sports and games! Of course they are well trained and regularly follow courses. Ameland Adventure is TUV certified and affiliated with Vebon.

Top location on the beach

You’ll find our beach pavilion at beach post 11.400  where we organize our activities. Lounge chairs, hammocks, a covered terrace, changing rooms, lockers and toilets: all the ingredients for a relaxed atmosphere!

More than 25 fun activities

With over 25 unique activities, there is something for everyone to do at Ameland Adventure. Our activities are tailored to the season, so you can come to us at any time of the year. We like to think along and, if desired, make a tailor-made program.